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This is an unpopular opinion but hear me out for a second. Some have wondered about an Instagram post that I recently made stating that I don't use Instapots anymore. There is a reason for this.

I see homesteaders the world over making bone broth and other foods in their Instapots, and I can't help but wonder how healthy is the food you are cooking under pressure.

Let me get to the point. If you cook your bone broth under pressure in the Instapot, then turn around, and pressure can it, what nutrients are left? You have literally obliterated the nutrients to death.

However, by slow cooking your food, you are letting the nutrients slowly release out of the food. Then by freezing the broth you are preserving the nutrients in the best form as possible.

I am all for connivence products, don't get me wrong, but sometimes you gotta step back and wonder what you are sacrificing just to live a fast paced life.

Lisa Miller


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