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A Passion For Teaching Scratch Cooking Reignited

It's been a while since I have felt this strongly about something. Well, thats not all together true. I have mad love for my husband, kids, family, friends, and God most of all. Thats not the love I am talking about. This love has been in the making for several years. A decade to be exact.

Recently I opened a box from our last move, and out popped a notebook I hadn't seen in years. When I first started homesteading, I used to write down every recipe, and every new thing I learned to make, and bake from scratch. As I was reading the book, I realized how much I had grown in my cooking skills. I went from trying to replace what we would normally eat from restaurants and so called healthy fast-food alternatives, which was laden with vegetable oils, sugars, and a list of unpronounceable words, to a natural, simple, seasonal foods with simple ingredients. It was a journey to say the least.

I have been getting requests from viewers and listeners to our podcast to show more seasonal cooking. I agree. Between finding this old notebook, and request from others, a passion for teaching scratch cooking was reignited. When I started this journey to our new lifestyle as homesteaders I frequently searched out recipes and other ways to cook what I had harvested. Its safe to say that the internet landscape has changed drastically since I started over 10 years ago, and I have changed as well.

When I started homesteading I didn't have kids, animals, or acreage. You don't need any of these things to homestead or cook from scratch. However, the fact that I have lived both lives, with kids, animals, and acreage and without, gives me a very unique perspective as I have experience with living both lifestyles.

I have struggled with which way to share these recipes with a larger audience. Finally a solution has emerged. So I am introducing you to my new blog. This blog will contain my basic recipes and will reference my Youtube channel for visual demonstration of these recipes. As time goes on I will see about expanding to other methods and ways to help inspire, and teach you just how easy it is to eat seasonally on a homestead.

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