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Easy Homemade Butter

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Homemade Butter

We raise dairy goats on our little Two Acre Homestead. While I love the milk that our goats produce its not nearly enough to fill the needs of my growing family, especially when it comes to dairy. One day we will get either a family cow, or way more goats. However, the idea of milking more goats is not really appealing to me, but goats milk is the tastiest milk in town. But I digress, back to butter.

Since we still don’t produce enough dairy here on our homestead, we do need to source the best quality of milk to supplement our families’ growing needs. It is no secret that we are fans of raw milk. Both kids were raised on it. I will link here to the podcast where I talk about how raw milk really did save my youngest sons life and was a powerful behavioral influence on my oldest.

My oldest son, and husband are both “lactose intolerant”. I hate the term lactose intolerant because the truth is they are intolerant of processed milk. Milk that is sold in the store has been pasteurized or heated to a temperature that remove the “markers” that your body needs to know what the milk is. Some are more sensitive than others, but we have found that raw milk is best solution for us. My husband and son can drink raw milk and never experience any repercussions from it.

This is why I like to make most if not all our own dairy. Full disclosure you don’t need raw milk to make butter, but you will have a much better product if you use raw milk. Now, lets make some easy homemade butter.


1 quart of Cream


Stand mixer, or blender (in this recipe I am using both)


  • Pour the milk into a blender and run it until whipped cream is formed. Then place the mixture into the bowl of the stand mixer. Turn the mixer on high. After several minutes the whipped cream will start to yellow. Keep running the mixer. Eventually the fat solids will separate from the liquids, and you'll see clumps of butter fat quickly form, leaving the sloshing liquid buttermilk in the bottom of the bowl.

  • Congrats! You have now made butter, and Butter Milk. Separate the butter curds from the liquid. The liquid is butter milk that can be used in other recipes. Now combine your butter to one large clump. Rince your butter with ice cold water. Rince until the water is clear.

  • It’s at this point you can choose to add salt, and herbs to your butter.

  • Place butter either in a mold to be frozen or place in your refrigerator in a safe container.

**Homemade butter does not last as long as store bought butter maybe 4 days in the refrigerator. So, use it up quickly or freeze it for the winter.

***1 quart of cream makes 400 grams of butter.

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